We are halfway through January, but have you picked your Word of the Year yet?

Rigid resolutions work for some but one thing that many people agree to be more successful is choosing a “Word of the Year.” Many life and health coaches have used this as a method to gently encourage people to keep on track with their goals for the coming year and maintain self care consistently.

What is a “Word of the Year?”

A “Word of the Year” is a word used as a mental tool, to help you identify intentions and focus on the positive change you want for the coming year. This word should not only assist you in gaining more self-awareness, but also encourage you to keep moving towards the things that really matter to you. There may be more than one word that speaks to you, and that's okay! Your word is for you and is there to help you achieve your goals.

How do I choose a word for the year?

Choosing a word starts with reflecting on the year(s) prior. Looking back allows you to remember the things that really impacted you, both good and bad, over the last 12 months. You can create a mental list, or even a physical list, to help sort through those recollected thoughts. From there, you reevaluate your feelings looking at that list, noticing the things that you want to change, and then narrowing down a word(s) that speaks to you. Pick a word that you want more of or that instantly reminds you of the positive future you want to see for yourself. Think of this as another form of self-care; You and your goals matter!

What is a good way to remember my word?

Consistently seeing your word will help you remember your goals for 2023. Here are a few practical (and fun) ways to keep your word at the forefront of your mind:

  • Create a Personalized Phone Wallpaper - Take your word and make a personalized wallpaper that will always give you a mental boost when you pick up your phone.
  • Make a Painting/Drawing - Let your creative juices flow and use your word to create a beautiful, personalized piece of art for your home or office. This doubles as a great family-night activity**
  • Add Sticky Notes to Daily Used Items - Write your word on multiple sticky notes and place them all around your house as small reminders. Put one on your mirror, in your car, or even on your water bottle.
  • Order a Personalized Bracelet - Make your word a part of your daily outfits. Purchase a charming bracelet that emphasizes your word(s) so that it can be seen anytime of the day.


Your word for 2023 is a reminder of the positive and empowering change that you are embracing for your future. No matter what it is, claim your word and use it to impact your mental, physical, and spiritual self as you take on the months ahead.

Remember: achieve the goals that matter most to you this year!

Haley Hay