Permanent Jewelry FAQs

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry has taken the internet by storm. It is bracelets, necklaces, or anklets that are welded right onto you so there is no clasp and they don't come off. That sounds scary, but it's not at all. There is zero pain on your end whatsoever! 

What materials are the chains made of?

We use 14k gold-filled and sterling silver chains. They are great options for permanent jewelry because they're hypoallergenic, won't tarnish, and are durable.

Where can I get it?

We have two locations within Metro Detroit!

Royal Oak Location:
1196 S. Washington Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48067

Rochester Location:
333 S. Main Street
Rochester, MI 48307

 We are accepting walk-ins, but if we’re booked during the time you come there would be a wait until the welder is open. If there’s a specific time you’d like to come in, Click here to book an appointment.

We also do pop-ups up all over the Metro Detroit area. Click here for our event calendar. Our Instagram also has the most up-to-date list of where we will be welding jewelry!

If you are a business and want us to do a permanent jewelry pop-up in your space, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We are also booking private parties! Click here to learn more.

Can I get a clasp?

No worries, we've got you covered. If you aren't into something being permanent, we can put a clasp on it for you so it's a piece you can take on and off.

What if I want/need to take it off?

If for any reason you want to remove your jewelry, simply cut it off with scissors or wire cutters. We suggest cutting it where the connecting link we added is so you can save the chain & we can reconnect it in the future if you ever want to.

Can I go through TSA with it on?

Yes! You can keep your permanent on while going through airport security.

Will it tarnish or turn my skin green?

We are picky about the materials we work with for permanent jewelry.

14k gold-filled chain is really resistant to tarnishing which makes it a great option for permanent jewelry. There are a few rare circumstances where you will find GF tarnish such as your body's pH and extended exposure to chemicals. Wash your jewelry with mild soap and water to keep it clean and looking sparkly!

The more you wear sterling silver, the better it looks. The natural friction and oil from your body will help keep your silver nice and shiny. If for any reason it starts looking dull, you can rub a polishing cloth over it to shine it back up.

What is your reweld policy?

The minimalist appearance and ease of wearing permanent jewelry makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear. Despite the fact that you do not take it on and off each day, they are still delicate pieces of jewelry that can break.

Should your bracelet, anklet or necklace:

• Get caught on something

• Break

• Stretch

We will do our best to repair it for you for a $10 fee.

Visit us at a pop-up or book an appointment for a Permanent Jewelry Adjustment! If we are unable to repair the chain or you want to different style chain we will offer you a discount to replace the chain.

Essbe is not liable for lost chains. Permanent jewelry or custom pieces are final sale.