About Essbe

Essbe was founded in 2017 after I had a literal dream. I woke up out of a deep sleep around 3am with the thought that I NEEDED to test out making bracelets. I always knew I wanted to own my own business, you can read more about that here. I just wasn’t sure what that looked like.

The following day, I went to a craft supply and bought some beads and elastic to see if I enjoyed the process and learn how to do it in the first place! Turns out it was SO relaxing for me. 

After spending countless hours learning and testing out every aspect of it, 

I started making inventory. Each bracelet I designed was better than the last, and I loved how I felt wearing them. They showed my style and that’s when it hit me. This brand isn’t about bracelets. It’s about making you feel beautiful in your skin. It’s that extra boost of confidence we all get when in our favorite outfit. It’s a way to express what’s on the inside for people to see on the outside.

I launched a website for with love, sar and no one was purchasing the bracelets that I was so excited about. I didn’t have the capital to put in for marketing, professional photos, or a custom website so I was just bootstrapping this business. Some family and friend purchases trickled in. I kept telling my family that I just wanted a stranger to buy from me. That seemed to be the validation I needed on my new business.

A few months went by and then a stranger made a purchase on the site. Then another and another. I will never forget that feeling.

Since then we’ve made a lot of changes. We rebranded in 2020 from with love, sar to Essbe, expanded our offerings beyond just bracelets, and have changed our materials to high quality gold-filled and sterling silver pieces. In 2022 we added permanent jewelry into our lineup and launched a permanent jewelry course in 2022.

Essbe is a combination of hard work, patience, and resilience. It’s a brand I’m really proud of.

The mission of Essbe is to empower women and provide pieces that you feel beautiful and like yourself in. 

Take a look around our site. I hope you find something that you love or maybe that perfect gift for a loved one. You can also find us popping up all over doing permanent jewelry in Metro Detroit!