Switching careers or looking for a fun side hustle to bring in a few extra bucks? Look no further! 

Permanent Jewelry is the newest, and by far the biggest, trend in jewelry, sweeping the nation today. People are seeking out this new vibrant craze, looking for something unique to commemorate important relationships and special occasions that stand the test of time (other than a photo). Not only is this piece of jewelry a part of the everyday outfit, but it's also an experience to be embraced and remembered with the ones closest to you. If this is something that you are interested in being a part of, now is the time to join, and here's why.

Demand is high and there is still time before it becomes mainstream.

Because permanent jewelry is becoming so popular, so quickly, the demand is exponential; this is where you come in! It's early in the game, which means you have plenty of time to stick your foot into the door of opportunity. In other words, there is room in the market of permanent jewelry for you to learn what you need to learn, brand & market your business, and get welding. 

The permanent jewelry business has a high ROI (return on investment).

Yes, this means getting busy and putting in some elbow grease to make profit, but it also means you are investing in something that has a high return rate. The effort you put in has high value, which is why finding a niche, like permanent jewelry, is important. If you market your brand effectively, you will catch the attention of so many potential customers, once again, adding to the value of your investment. With the right publicity and promotions, your business will be booming. And with no questions asked, you will be the talk of the town.

The flexibility of this niche is phenomenal!

Another great reason to start your own permanent jewelry business is because of the flexibility of it. You determine when, where, and how you conduct your business; you are your own boss! Simply schedule pop-ups and events when/where you want to or, if you love it as much as we do, you can open your own physical location. You make the rules when it comes to your side hustle. Don't want to go it alone? That's okay too. Recruit some awesome employees, get multiple welders, and build up that empire into a huge successful business!

Adding permanent jewelry to your services is easy and impactful.

Offering permanent jewelry at your already established business is also an amazing idea with opportunities to expand and grow what you already have going. With you calling the shots, you determine what your target customers look like; in this section of industry, there are lots of options to offer regarding price and style. There is a drastic price difference between 14k solid gold vs gold-filled jewelry but determining what's best for your business and demographic is totally up to you. You get to choose where you want to fall in the market. This is empowering, not only for your business, but for you too.

Lastly, it's simply fun!

Logistics aside, starting a permanent jewelry business is more fun than anything. You get to be a part of the experience with your customers, and the joy you get to play a part in makes starting your own business beyond rewarding. It may be just jewelry to some, but to others, it is something/someone they will carry with them forever.

So don't wait for another day, month, or year to pass before starting your own business; you won't regret progress! 

xo, Essbe


Want to get started? Don't know where to begin? Visit the link below for more information on how to start your very own permanent jewelry business and start your permanent jewelry training today!

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Haley Hay