The Essbe
Permanent Jewelry Class

The online course for business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and moms looking to add a service, build a business, or supplement their income with permanent jewelry.

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Permanent Jewelry Course

Don't know where to start?

Permanent Jewelry is really popular, but it's also still very new. When it comes to learning a skill or launching a business, the amount of questions you have can feel endless.

Which welder should I buy? What type of chain should I offer? Can I actually make money doing this? How will I fill my calendar? What happens if I mess up a weld on a client?

It can feel impossible to sift through all of the content online to find the answers you're looking for to start and build your permanent jewelry business.

That's why I started The Essbe Permanent Jewelry Class!

Building your business doesn't have to be so hard.

In the Essbe Permanent Jewelry Class we go over everything you need to get your business started and running plus the foundation you'll need for longterm success. It eliminates the hours of research, guesswork, and second-guessing that come along with doing it alone.


The Essbe
Permanent Jewelry Class

The course that will take you from overwhelmed and confused to excited and confident about launching and building your permanent jewelry business.

In this class, you will...

meet your business BFF...

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’m the founder of Essbe, YouTube creator, and expert balancer of all things.

A few things I think you should know about me before you decide if you want to work with me. 

- I’m overly honest — it’s my greatest gift and biggest fault.

- I started Essbe 5 years ago because I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I needed to make bracelets.

- One of my proudest milestones to this day is the first time someone I didn't know bought a bracelet from my website.

- I start way too many sentences with, “I was listening to this business podcast, and..."

- I’ve wanted to run my own business since I was a little kid, and I’ve now been doing it for a decade.

- I'm one of those people who sacrificed and struggled to make my businesses work so that I could do what I love and have my hobby also be my job.

Working for yourself is insanely rewarding, has tons of perks, and I truly wouldn’t trade it for the world.

BUT, it can also be incredibly frustrating — navigating where to start, finding suppliers you can actually trust, & researching all. the. things. — all for no one to make a purchase.

All I wanted when I started out was a blueprint of what to do and answers on how to do I created it!

I'm SO excited to share The Essbe Permanent Jewelry Class.

What will I learn in the course?

Below you'll see a sneak peek at each of the 3 modules. They are packed with tons of lessons including what's mentioned below plus a lot more!

Module 1

This module covers everything you need to do to get your business up and running -- legitamizing your business, creating a website, pricing your products & more.

Module 2

Module 2 is where we get into the fun stuff! I'll walk you through every step of the permanent jewelry process. We go over all of the equipment, how to set up your welder, the proper technique to attach permanent jewelry, & getting the perfect weld everytime.

Module 3

The last module focuses on marketing. Even the best products won't sell unless they have visibility. We'll go over branding, SEO techniques, social media, and how to get your calendar filled with events and clients. You will also receive tons of done-for-you templates to get started.

What makes the Essbe Permanent Jewelry Class Different?

- This is the only permanent jewelry course taught by someone with years of experience making jewelry.

- I've worked for myself for a decade. I've made a lot of mistakes that you luckily won't have to make, and I've made some really great discoveries that I'm excited to pass on to you.

- You'll get up and running quickly with our step-by-step lessons.

- I have experience growing a social media presence and can help you do the same.

- We can purchase your wholesale supplies directly from our sister company, Essbe Jewelry Supply, to replenish anytime you need.

- You are welcomed into our online community for continued support

- Instead of marking it up and selling it to you, we got you an exclusive discount on the Orion welder so you can save 5% (that's at least $120 off!)

- We teach you exactly how to fill up your calendar with clients

- You will receive tons of done-for-you templates for social media, pop-ups, and more.

- We provide you with 20 ft. of chain so you have enough to practice with, but also to get started selling.

- We help you gain the confidence to talk to and educate your customers.


Why should I start offering permanent jewelry?

It's still really new so you have the opportunity to solidify the corner on the market in your city, it's profitable and easy to make a quick return on your investment, & it's really fun!

Will you show a demo of sizing chains?

Yes! There will be video demos for each step in the lessons so you can see the details up close.

How will I make any money from my kit if I use that chain on practicing?

This is why we include 20 feet of chain for you, We want you to have the opportunity to practice, but then have enough chain left to sell and make money!

Can I take the course if I've never made jewelry?

Yes! That's the beauty of taking our course. I have 5+ years of jewelry making experience which means I can teach you everything you need to know. We'll make sure you walk away feeling confident in your abilities!

Where should I buy chain?

We offer a variety of chains, charms & findings that you can purchase from our sister company, Essbe Jewelry Supply. We can also point you in the direction of other suppliers to purchase from as well!

Do I have to have a brick and mortar?

Nope! That's one of the best parts of this business. You can have a brick and mortor or you can do pop-ups. Both of them will give you the opportunity to be successful.

Where can I purchase just the starter kit?

You can definitely purchase just the starter kit without the course! Click here to buy a Essbe Permanent Jewelry Starter Kit