With Spring Break just around the corner, we are here to lend some tips & tricks on how to travel with your favorite jewelry pieces. 

Traveling is fun and always something to look forward to...until you have to pack & unpack. To keep packing frustrations at bay, here are some of our favorite jewelry travel hacks to help with keeping organized. 

Travel Jewelry Organizers

This might not be a hack, but investing in a travel jewelry organizer could be a lifesaver if you travel often. These handy items come with places to hold your rings, earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces! This one is our current favorite. It comes in a few different sizes and colors to fit anyone's needs!

Drinking Straws

Yep, you read that right! Use a household drinking straw to help keep your necklaces from getting frantically tangled. Thread one end of your necklace chain through the straw and connect at the clasp when it exits the other side. It may sound (and look) silly, but it does the job.

Pill Containers/Bead Organizers

This is easily one of our favorite hacks. Pill containers or bead organizers can be a great way to prevent you from losing your favorite pair of earrings amongst your clothes. They can be found at most pharmacies or craft stores.


No, you will not be using these carabiners for rock climbing, but for organizing! Use this easy clip method to keep bracelets and rings tidy. They can also then be clipped onto the inside of your suitcase/bag, so that you know exactly where they are located after long travel days.

Wine Corks

If you know the eraser hack, then you will recognize this method. For those stubbornly small earrings, puncture the cork with the earring post for a quick organization hack. Keep the earring backs in a ziplock bag or contact lens case for easy access. 


Now you are equipped with the best jewelry travel hacks we know and you are ready to go! Have the best time & don't forget to send us all the photos! 


Haley Hay