As we created this collection, we brought back all the feelings of love represented by the pieces. This collection was inspired by the classic symbols of love - the heart, the key, and the xoxo. We wanted to bring a touch of nostalgia to this collection, while still keeping it modern and stylish. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted to express love in a unique way. Let's highlight a few of our favorite pieces from the collection!

Lovella Heart Toggle Necklace
With the toggle clasp on this beautiful piece of jewelry, it brings in a classic look to the piece. In order to give it a bit more depth, we upgraded it with a heart charm to add a little more texture to it. The heart charm is a symbol of love, making it the perfect gift for a loved one. The toggle clasp is also easy to use and securely holds the pieces together. The combination of these elements makes this piece a timeless addition.

XOXO Bracelet
This bracelet inspired the collection's name! This piece comes in 14k gold-filled or .925 sterling silver. It's perfect to wear alone or as part of a stack. XOXO Bracelet is subtle yet meaningful, making it a great addition to any jewelry collection. This collection also includes a matching XOXO Necklace.

We hope you love this Valentine's Day themed collection as much as we do! Click here to view all of our NEW jewelry.


Jenna Upson