It's all the rage right now to wear permanent jewelry! There have been a lot of businesses popping up in recent years, which is great because it makes it easier to access, but it also leads to unqualified businesses. When choosing a reputable business for permanent jewelry, it is important to consider their experience, tools & supplies. Additionally, reading reviews and asking for recommendations from trusted sources can help ensure that you choose a business with a good reputation in the industry. Read more to see how we can help you ask the right questions so you can purchase from a business you can trust!

1) The Welder: Look for Sunstone Welders!
Sunstone Welders are the leaders in welding technology, with a wide range of products designed specifically for permanent jewelry! Their products are designed to be reliable and efficient. The welder is quite an big investment ($2000+) so you know this is a serious business if they invested in only the best.

Questions to ask:
• What welder do you use?
• Do you use a Sunstone welder?
• Do you use welding glasses?

(Essbe founder & owner, Sarah Brithinee, is raising the next generation of jewelry makers!)

2) The Tools: Argon Gas
You.Need.Argon.For.Permanent.Jewelry!! As a shielding agent, this gas protects the weld from wear. The stronger the weld, the longer your piece will last. Know the risk you are taking if the business does not use argon and does not suggest it. Argon prevents oxidation and corrosion, making the piece more durable. It is important to research the company and ask questions about their process to ensure they are using argon.

Questions to ask:
• When welding permanent jewelry, do you use argon?
• Is argon used when creating permanent jewelry?

3) The supplies: Low prices
If the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are! As with any trend, there are those who want to make a quick buck. As a substitute for higher-quality and more expensive gold-filled or solid gold charms & chains, they'll use gold-plated charms & chains. Over time, gold-plated products will tarnish since they are gold painted on a base metal. Gold-filled is when gold is heat & pressure bonded to a base metal making it suitable for permanent jewelry. When properly cared for, it is hypoallergenic and won't tarnish. There is also solid gold, but it is more expensive.
Questions to ask:
• Are your chains & charms made of gold-filled or sterling silver?
• If you want solid gold, do you offer solid gold chains and charms?

All in all, doing your research and asking the right questions is essential to selecting a reputable business for permanent jewelry. Look for businesses that have a long-standing presence in the industry, as this indicates their experience and reliability. As a jewelry business since 2017, Essbe owns 4 Sunstone Welders, argon is required & all of our supplies we personally wear and test before selling. We also own a sister wholesale company, Essbe Jewelry Supply, that supplies jewelry businesses with chain, charms, and more. We can help you find a reputable jewelry location near you by tapping into our customer base at EJS! Send us an email at and we can help you find a location near you.

Jenna Upson