Opal Cluster Studs



What is better than one opal? Three! These Opal Cluster Studs are remarkable and continue to grab attention, even amongst their small stature. Sitting in either gold-filled or sterling silver, the trio of precious stones bring bright light to your look and make a great every day earring.

  • 14k gold-filled or .925 sterling silver


14k Gold Fill: Our gold items are made out of 14k gold fill. Gold-filled pieces are very high quality. Multiple layers of gold are heat and pressure bonded to a base metal so it can’t rub off. It doesn’t expose your skin to the base metal either making it hypoallergenic. The layer of gold is thick enough to make it perfect for everyday wear, and since it’s not solid gold the price point is much more affordable. If you take care of your gold-filled pieces, they can last a lifetime! 

Sterling Silver: Our silver items are made of .925 sterling silver. We like sterling silver because it’s hypoallergenic, timeless, and lightweight. It’s also durable which is perfect for pieces you’ll wear time and time again.